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Privacy Policy

The "JobNoProb" Service, hereinafter referred to as “the Service”, manages the data received from the User in compliance with the Australian privacy legislation.

This Privacy Policy specifies the principles used by the Service to handle the received personal data and determines powers and duties related to the personal data both on the part of the Service and the User. 

If the User accesses (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), he/she automatically accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Service specified in the User Agreement. The latter includes the User’s approval, authorization, peculiarities of the collection, application and disclosure of the User’s data according to the Privacy Policy. Don’t forget that according to the rules of the Website, it is prohibited to visit it if the User is younger than 18 years old.


1.    Collecting and Applying Personal Data

The Service renders the unique, territorial online outsource service based on innovations. If the User fails to provide the Service with the required data, the Service cannot provide some or all of its services. 

The personal data is collected at the moment of registering on the Website. It may include but is not limited to the User’s name, address, number of the phone, birth date, gender, contact details, details of the credit card and account as well as area of occupation and interests. The Service may provide you with a picture or video related to the User’s ID on the Website. In case personal data is changed, the User is obliged to update it on the Website for the Service to have complete, full and exact information about its Users.

The User is not anonymous to the Service when he logs into the Website and makes some actions related to setting tasks, supplying items, placing bids, etc. In order to improve our current services and offer new options, the Service reserves the right to collect and share with service providers and other users the data related to the way the Users use the offered services, including but not limited to information about the transactions made on the Website, feedback ratings, the made bids, posted comments and deals made with the aid of the Service affiliate service providers.

When the User uses the Website or performs some actions on it like setting tasks, providing feedback to other users, making comments on bids, or communicating in a forum in any other way, the User’s ID as well as all the posted materials can be always seen by other users of the Website and the Internet. That’s why the Service encourages its users to be careful and attentive when posting any materials. The Service cannot control and shall not bear responsibility for the materials posted publically by users at their own discretion.

The Service may also get and save data from the user’s computer and Internet browser including cookies, hardware and software attributes as well as requests of the user’s page.

The Service is also able to collect data from the user’s online behavior on Facebook and other social networks and services. If the User uses the JobNoProb service on determining the location, the Service can collect and process this data, too. The Service may also use various technologies to confirm the user’s location.

The Service may use the collected data to offer its services that include but are not limited to

-    Authentication and identification,

-    Protection of JobNoProb and the Website users,

-    Customizing the advertising and content of the Website,

-    Rendering, protecting, maintaining and improving the rendered services,

-    Providing the User’s information to other users,

-    Provision of the information to state authorities as required by a court order, law, regulator or tribunal,

-    Developing new features of the service,

-    Ensuring the receipt of payable fees by the Service,

-    Contacting users for the purpose of informing them about future changes in services or their improvements,

-    Researching,

-    Expanding the user base of the Service, 

-    Establishing and developing relations with affiliated services,

-    Making data reports on a generalized basis to be used by third parties that are not subject to any applicable laws (For instance, providing investors or advertisers with information about current trends),

-    Offering the content of the Website to the users that may need it.

In addition the user’s contact details can be used for such purposes as invoicing, accounting, marketing, and billing. It can be transferred to service provider of JobNoProb and used for responding to any enquiries including the ones overseas. In case of contacting the service, the Service reserves the right to keep records related to all kinds of communication between the User and the Service. In case other users of the Website know your user ID (or any other data that can identify you), and the User made up his/her mind to upload any personal information to the service account, this information can be showed to such users.

In some cases the Service will use the User’s email address for the purpose of administering the User Agreement (for instance, for informing about the user’s violations).


2.    Anonymous Identifiers and Cookies 

If the User has registered on the Website, his/her computer or any other device can store a cookie or an anonymous identifier that saves the User’s time of visiting the Website. 

JobNoProb reserves the right to use cookies and anonymous identifiers for such purposes as accessing the User’s data when signing in, tracking preferences, directing specific types of content, reporting on the Website base, and improving services of the Service. Anonymous identifiers and cookies can be used in case of the User’s interaction with the Service affiliate service providers (for instance, when integrating the account from JobNoProb with the Facebook profile).

The User agrees that if he/she changes settings on the Internet browser in order to restrict or block cookies (including the ones related to JobNoProb) or to indicate the cookie set by the JobNoProb, the service may not work correctly. The User must not forget that he can go on using the service, but the Service does not guarantee its correct operation.


3.    Protecting and Storing Personal Data

Every User’s account is protected by a password to protect and secure the provided data. The Service takes all reasonable measures to protect the data received about the User from unauthorized access, application or disclosure. At the same time the Service does not guarantee complete security of the information sent from the User’s computer to the Service platform via the Internet. Due to it, the Service does not warrant the privacy of personal information (including account and payment details). All information is sent to the Service at the user’s risk.

The User shall bear full responsibility for securing his/her password and all information about his/her account.


4.    Involvement of Third Parties

The Website may include links to websites of third parties like PayPal, advertisers or networks of providers of affiliate services. Every User must keep in mind that every such service has its own privacy policy. If the User uses JobNoProb for move to another website, he/she automatically becomes subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant website as well as its security statement and private policy. The Service recommends the User to read all terms and conditions before providing any personal information on such websites.

The Service does not control and does not bear any responsibility for the private policy, use of personal information by any third party as well as the ones whose links are placed on the Website.

In case JobNoProb undergoes a merger, acquisition, etc., the Service sends a note to every User to inform about the transfer of his/her personal data and changes in the private policy.

Advertisements of JobNoProb can be shown online by third-party vendors (for example, Google).

Mobile Apps and JobNoProb may use the Google Maps API to get the information about the location. It is possible to read more information about the Google Maps API as well as the relevant private policy on


5.    Marketing Issues

Registering on the Website, the user is given an opportunity to choose whether to receive updates related to the Service latest services, special offers or news by using the User’s e-mail, personal account, telephone or post. Making a transaction on the Website, the User is also given an opportunity to choose the same in relation to the materials of the Service and its affiliate service providers.

It is possible to refuse from receiving the above materials by going to the “Manage Account” link on the Website, choosing “Settings”, then “Alerts” and changing the preferences. Another way to cancel the subscription is to click on the “unsubscribe” link in the email that contains any Marketing Materials. Every User can also send a message to the Service with the request to abolish the subscription.

The Service may contact any User as a result of any other user’s referring to the contact information, name or address of the User. This private Policy also regulates the use of personal data received as a result of any referral. It is possible to unsubscribe from the referral system of JobNoProb by sending an email message to the Service.

In order to advertise online, the Service uses Remarketing with Google Analytics. In case of using the Ads Settings in a personal Google account, any visitor can refuse from Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads.

Both JobNoProb and third-party vendors make use of both first-party and third-party cookies for the purpose of informing, optimizing, and serving advertisements based on the past visits of the Service Website.

Users can also unsubscribe from the Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize ads of Google Display Network.


6.    Administrative Communication

JobNoProb has the right to provide its Users with all kinds of administrative and account-related messages. It is impossible to refuse from receiving such messages. If the User wants to stop all communications with the Service, it is necessary to close the relevant account on the Website.


7.    Access to Personal Data

The Service provides its Users with the opportunity to access, change, update and remove their personal data placed on the Website, unless a) the Service is legally allowed or required to prohibit such access, editing, making changes, etc., b) the User’s request about treating his/her personal data requires taking special technical efforts by the Service or violating of the privacy policy in relation to other users.

If the User wants to access his/her personal data or even delete his/her account from the Website, it is necessary to contact the Service by using the contact details specified at

Every User must remember that the information deleted from the Website is not immediately deleted from the servers of the Service.


8.    Privacy Issues

If the User has any concerns related to the way the Service handles personal data or needs further information, he/she should contact the Website administration by using contact details. In case a formal written complaint, the Service will contact the User to follow it up. The Service publically posts only the information the User voluntarily chooses to post (like bids, comments) and his/her JobNoPorb profile.

From time to time the Service may change this Private Policy and update the page where it is displayed. In such situation, the Service always sends a relevant message to its Users by using their accounts or email. That’s why the Users must regularly check their personal accounts.


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