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Terms and Conditions

JobNoProb operates on the basis of the online platform and enables users to contact each other to solve business and personal tasks, publish problems, sell and buy services on our website, applications on iPhone or any other platform that can be created in the future.


Before using the services offered by JobNoProb, please read these terms and conditions and provisions including privacy policy, regulations of the market and prohibited/not allowed goods and services.


The use of the JobNoProb service confirms that you agree with these terms and conditions.


1.         Services provided by JobNoProb

1.1.      JobNoProb offers a platform for uniting people who have questions and tasks to be solved or look for a specific worker, and those who can perform the work.


1.2.      The user of the service is a person who publishes ads about the vacancy or task “the Customer”, registers as “the Worker” or any other person who visits or views the JobNoProb platform.


1.3.      The user creates a JobNoProb account when he/she duly fills out the registration form on one of the JobNoProb platforms.


1.4.      JobNoProb provides only the platform and allows to find only the worker on JobNoProb who renders the specific service. JobNoProb shall not be liable for any aspect of the ad about the task or the Worker and their interrelation, including the description of the offered and rendered services. JobNoProb shall not have any obligations to either of the users for contributing or participating in any way in any dispute between the Customer who places an ad about the work and the Worker who performs the work.


1.5.      All information related to the services that will be rendered shall be published on JobNoPorb by users. JobNoProb does not have an opportunity to consider, approve or check all users that provided information for publishing in our service.


1.6.      You agree that JobNoProb does not bear any responsibility and does not give any guarantees in relation to the veracity and accuracy of any aspect of any information provided by users (including information about all workers and ads about work), including the capacity of workers to perform the set tasks, veracity and accuracy of any information provided in ads about the vacancy, and will not cover any expenses for the services that were rendered by the Worker but were not paid by the Customer.


2.         Service Description

2.1.      From time to time the JobNoProb service shall be reconsidered and updated. In addition to the provisions below, a definite part(s) of the JobNoProb services can be separately described for JobNoProb applications.


2.2.      Ads about the work with details about the required service are created via the JobNoPorb account and must be published with the detailed description and term of the ad and location on the map (it is possible but not obligatory to specify the proposed payment for the work) with the opportunity to make an offer or give a free recommendation.


2.3.      After placing the task both the Worker and the Customer that are registered in the service can publish a testimonial about the performed task and the quality of the performed works.


2.4.      If the Worker wishes to render services, he/she must make an offer for the published task or give a free recommendation to raise his/her reputation (for free promotion of his/her business). Making an offer, the Worker confirms that he/she has the legal right and can render the services requested in the published task.


2.5.      After the Customer has accepted the Worker’s offer or positively estimated the recommendation, the Worker has an opportunity to privately communicate by using the private messaging service. Every time when the user receives a message from the messaging service, a notice can be sent to the user via (email or SMS).


2.6.      After the work has been performed, the Customer shall have the right to close the task and leave a positive or negative testimonial about the performed work that will influence further popularity of the Worker.


2.7.      The Customer has an opportunity to contact the best Worker without limits according to his/her criteria based on free recommendations and the rating of the performed works.


3.    Tariffs and Services

3.1.  As a rule, the service is used free of charge. However, we can charge a payment for some additional opportunities provided in the future. If the function is on a paid basis, it will be clearly specified at the moment you place your ad. Our prices are specified in AU$ and sometimes can be changed. We will inform you about the changes related to our charges by publishing them on the website.


3.2.  The payment for these services is not returned, and you bear the responsibility for their payment if the payment has not succeeded. If you fail to do so, we can limit your ability to use our service. If your way of payment cannot be fulfilled or your account is expired, we can collect the due charges by using collection mechanisms including third-party collection services.


4.    Verifying Identity

4.1. The JobNoProb service may include special tools that can enable users to verify the identity of other users of the platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Identity Verification Services”). As a rule such tools include the technology of mobile verification, checking payment data, a reference feature (it enables the service user to ask other users to post a reference on the platform and thus endorse this user), as well as integrating with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


4.2. The User agrees that the Identity Verification Services of BobNoPorb cannot be entirely accurate for the service depends on the data supplied by Users.


4.3. Users of the JobNoProb Platform bear sole responsibility for verifying the identity. JobNoProb shall not be responsible for any use made of the Identity Verification Service.


4.4. The Platform may also contain a feedback system initiated by Users to assist in assessing User(s) of JobNoProb.


4.5. JobNoProb may modify its Identity Verification Services at any time.


5.    Users’ Responsibility

5.1. The User shall agree that at all times


(a)    The User must meet the terms and conditions hereof (including JobNoProb Policies) and all relevant regulations and legislation,

(b)   The User must post only actual and accurate data on the Platform,

(c)    The User must perform all his/her obligations towards other Users of the Platform under the task agreement and hereunder,

(d)   all content from the service (whether it is provided by the JobNoProb, the User or any other party) must not be used anywhere else without the preliminary consent of the JobNoProb,

(e)    The User must make sure that he/she has read all relevant laws related to the User as a Customer or Worker, or to any other way the User uses the Platform.


5.2. The User shall be prohibited to use the JobNoProb Platform for immoral or illegal purposes.


5.3. The User provides the JobNoProb Platform with the worldwide, royalty-free and unlimited license to use, change, reproduce or adapt any data and content placed on the Platform in order to include this data on the Platform and for general promotion of the service as it is allowed hereby.


5.4. No data posted on the Platform must be harmful or abusive in relation to the Service or any other User. In this context, “harm” shall mean economic loss as suffered by the JobNoProb Platform. Without limiting any clause hereof, all data supplied by Users to the JobNoProb Platform must be actual and must not:


(a)    be fraudulent or inform about selling stolen goods or counterfeit,

(b)   be untrue, deceptive, inaccurate,

(c)    breach the use of anyone’s copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, any kinds of rights including proprietary and intellectual property rights, confidentiality, privacy or publicity rights,

(d)   be harassing, libelous, threatening,

(e)    violate any law, rule, statute (including consumer protection, criminal law, unfair competition, etc.),

(f)    contain any viruses, malicious code, data or instructions that can make harm to the functions of the JobNoProb Platform, including Trojans, Easter eggs, wombs, cancelbots, time bombs, and other computer programs that can change, delete, damage or interfere with any sort of information including personal),

(g)   include information that the JobNoProb Platform may deem as illegal, inappropriate or obscene.


5.5. The User must be legally allowed to sell goods and render services under a special Task Agreement and work on the territory of Australia. The User must comply with the tax responsibilities related to any sort of payment received under the Tasker Agreement.


6.     Making Offers and setting Tasks (Publishing a task and counter-offer)

6.1.  The published task must contain the following data:


(a)    Term of the task publishing: the period of time when the task is urgent,

(b)   Price: the Price the Customer is ready to pay for the service, work,

(c)    Description: a detailed description of the task, service.


6.2.  The task shall describe the service fully and accurately including all terms and conditions you want to publish as well as any information required by law. The published tasks may include only text. You must have a legal right to use all content you place. At its discretion, JobNoProb can delete any Published task for any reason.


6.3.  Accepting an offer from the Worker, the Customer shall agree that all communications between the Customer and the Worker who offers his/her services can be seen by all other users. Besides, they can be viewed by other users of the Internet. Users of the service shall not disclose any private contact data such as name or address, phone number or email.


6.4.  Having made an offer, the Worker shall agree to render relevant services within the terms and under the conditions specified in the Task (if only the Customer does not agree to vary the terms or conditions during the negotiations, in the opposite case the Worker shall render services in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions).


6.5.  After the Customer has accepted the offer from the Worker, no further negotiations on the JobNoProb are allowed in relation to rendering the relevant service. If after the acceptance of Worker’s offer by the Customer, the Worker and the Customer wish to conduct negotiations related to the price and terms of completion (for example, when the Customer is not satisfied with the Worker’s work), they can use a private scheme of messaging system. In all other aspects these negotiations (and settlement of any disputes) shall be done beyond the JobNoProb platform.


6.6.  If the User, the Worker and the Customer want to complain about any comments made in the JobNoProb services, he/she must use the feedback form.


6.7.  The Customer may not accept the made offers. The Customer can cancel any published task at any time before the Worker accepts the offer.


6.8.  The User or the Customer does not have any liabilities when he/she makes an offer for any published task.


7.    Feedback

7.1. JobNoProb can cease or terminate your account operation at any time at its own discretion by receiving a complaint from you if it can be problematic for other users.

7.2. We continue improving our service. Please let us know about any problem you have by using our feedback form.


8.     Limiting Liability

8.1. JobNoProb shall not be liable for the breach of any warranty, condition or guarantee as well as for any special, actual, consequential, direct or indirect damage or loss of any nature and kind, suspected or unexpected, known or unknown, disclosed or unclosed that arise as a result of any transaction made between Customers and JobNoProb Workers.


8.2. BobNoPorb shall not be liable for any special, actual, consequential, direct or indirect damage or loss of any nature and kind, suspected or unexpected, known or unknown, disclosed or unclosed that arise as a result of any transaction made between the User and any Third Party Provider of Services that can be included in the JobNoPorb Platform from time to time.


8.3. The liability of JobNoPorb to any User of the service shall be limited to the total amount of fees paid by any User to JobNoProb during 12 months before the incident that leads to the liability of JobNoProb.


8.4.  The liability of JobNoPorb to any User of the service shall be limited to remaking, resupplying, repairing, replacing or paying for the objects in relation to which any breach occurred.


9.    Transactions default

9.1.  If the User as a Customer or Worker does not complete the transaction that has already been started and does not excuse for such default, JobNoProb shall have the right to terminate or suspend (indefinitely or temporarily) the User’s account. In addition, the User can be considered to be in breach of his/her liabilities to both JobNoProb and the relevant Customer or the Worker.


10.   Private Policy

10.1.    The Private Policy that the User can read at is applied to all Users and all parts thereof. When the User starts using the service, he/she shall give his/her consent to the use, disclosure, collection and processing of all data supplied by the User in accordance with the Private Policy.


10.2.    Third Party Providers of Services shall render their services according to their own Private Policy. Before accepting any services provided by third parties, every User shall read and agree to their terms and conditions of services rendering.


11.   Absence of Warranty

11.1.    JobNoProb shall provide its services on an “as is” basis without any implied or expressed condition or warranty. The Service shall disclaim any implied warranties or merchantability or titles, fitness for a special purpose and non-infringement to the extent that is allowed by the relevant law.


12.   Alterations of the Agreement

12.1.    JobNoProb shall reserve the right to make changes herein as well as in the relevant Policies from time to time. Any information about such changes shall be sent to the User’s accounts. It means that the user must regularly check out his/her JobNoProb account.


12.2.    All terms and conditions that are changed shall automatically remain effective during 30 days period after they are notified to the User. Upon the expiry of this or another period specified in the notice, the User shall acknowledge the acceptance of new terms and conditions.

12.3.    In case the User does not agree to any changes made herein or in any Policy, he/she shall delete his/her BobNoPorb account and stop using the service. The terms and conditions hereof and of any Policy cannot be changed in any other manner except the one specified herein.


13.   No Agency

13.1.    This Agreement shall not create any partnership, agency, joint venture or any other relationship. No user shall have an authority to bind BobNoPorb or its affiliates and related entities in any way. JobNoProb shall confirm that all Services provided by third parties shall be rendered only by such third party providers. JobNoProb shall disclaim all liability related to any damage or loss incurred by the User in any manner due to non-performance or performance of such Service rendered by such Third Party.


14.   Notifying

14.1.    All notices shall be given either by e-mail or registered post to the JobNoProb contact address specified on the platform or to the address specified by the User during registering. The notice shall be deemed as given


(a)    if it is emailed, 24 hours after the message is sent unless the Customer is notified that the email address is not valid,

(b)   if the notice is sent by pre-paid post, 3 working days as of the posting date, or on the 7th working day as of the posting date if it is sent from outside Australia. In this context “Working Day” shall mean a day when banks are open for general business in New South Wales, Sydney, except Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.


14.2.    All notices related to third parties shall be sent to third parties.


15.   Disputes settlement and Intermediation

15.1.    JobNoProb encourages the User to make his/her best to solve disputes directly with other Users of JobNoProb. At the same time the User acknowledges and agrees that JobNoProb may provide other parties involved in the dispute with the User’s information.


15.2.    In its own discretion JobNoProb may offer access to a dispute resolution service of a third party (“Third Party Dispute Service”). In case of rendering such service, any party may demand the other party to agree to use the Third Party Dispute Service if they failed to solve the dispute on their own. JobNoProb states that Third Party Dispute Service is a service of a Third Party. That’s why it is subject to terms and conditions specified in the Third Party’s Policies. Users bear responsibility for paying any expenses related to using the Third Party Dispute Service according to the terms and conditions of the Policy of this Third Party.


15.3.    All disputes with providers of the Third Party Service shall proceed according to the procedure of any dispute settlement specified in the terms and conditions of services provided by a Third Party Service Provider.


15.4.    In case the User has any complaints related to the work of the Service, the User is recommended to contact BobNoPorb by email.


15.5.    In case JobNoProb provides any data of Users of the service to any other User in order to settle disputes hereunder, the User shall acknowledge and agree that such data will be used only for settling the dispute. The User shall indemnify JobNoProb against any possible claims related to any other use of data that is not allowed hereby.


16.   Terminating

16.1.     This Agreement and BobNoPorb account can be terminated by either Party at any time.


16.2.    Terminating hereof shall not terminate the Task Agreement concluded between Users of JobNoProb. Once having entered into a Task Agreement, the User shall comply with its terms and conditions until obligations under it are entirely fulfilled.


16.3.    The Services provided by a Third Party are subject to terms and conditions of this Third Party’s terms and conditions.


16.4.    Chapters 10, 13 and 20 hereof shall continue their effect even after terminating or expiring hereof.


17.   General Provisions

17.1.    This Agreement shall be regulated by the legislation of South Australia, Australia. JobNoProb acknowledges exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia.


17.2.    All provisions hereof shall be severable. In case either provision is acknowledged as invalid or unenforceable, it can be removed, and other provisions shall remain effective.


17.3.    JobNoProb may assign this Agreement to any Third Party without the User’s consent. In any case the User shall remain bound hereby.


17.4.     This Agreement shall state the whole understanding and agreement between the User and BobNoP